Charging Handle - Black with Viton Rubber

Handle comes with Guide Rod and 3 springs (normal, +10%, +10%)
Upgrade the bolt handle assembly in the 10/22® 4 distinctly contoured handles to choose from Slick guide rod for easy racking Interchangeable tuning springs:(White=standard, Red=10% increase, Grey=10% decrease) This great upgrade kit for your 10/22® will provide you with a comfortable bolt handle to grasp, a "super slick" guide rod, and the ability to tune the recoil of your rifle with our interchangeable springs. All bolt handle lengths are 1 3/4", which is 1/4" longer than the factory bolt handle assembly kit giving greater clearance for the shooter's knuckles while racking the bolt. The three tuning springs come in varying tensions for the ultimate in tuning capability. Though by and large the standard tension spring will serve the shooter throughout the different ammunition velocities. If, due to tolerance stacking or preferred ammunition the cycling of the action is out of sync then the shooter has the capability to change the spring without using the more primitive method of cutting coils to tune a spring.
  • Availability: 4
  • Model: Black with Black Viton Rubber
  • Manufacturer: KIDD

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